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You may think of your past experience and your present circumstances as permanent fixtures. In reality, everything we do is temporary. We all have the capacity to change our life experience.

I’m Connie Kadansky. I believe you are unique, valuable and worthy of happiness and fulfillment, you may just need a little help increasing your confidence to flow through all aspects of your life. 

Thanks to my Mother’s influence, I grew up listening to Earl Nightingale, the pioneer of personal development. He instilled the mindset in me that “we become what we think about”

With this thinking and my Mother’s optimistic outlook on life, I quickly discovered how the way we look at life greatly impacts our enjoyment of it. 

As a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation with over 5000 documented coaching hours and 25 years of coaching practice, I use my knowledge to help people transform their experience of life. 

My method is to coach “inside out”, helping you to encounter more satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. I believe confidence is transforming fear into focused-related thinking, communication (internal and external) and action.

This isn’t off-the-shelf coaching. I use tried and tested tools, exercises, and techniques to help you unlock your unique energy that creates your typical viewpoints, perceptions and beliefs about any and all aspects of your life.

By understanding and applying self-perception principles, you will gain amazing insights that can transform your life, both business and personal.

It’s my belief that we are all a work in progress. Let me help you on your journey as you learn and develop to create and live more optimistically.

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